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Product Details

Main parameters  FL804
Engine Type  YC4B90Z-T20
Max. Torque (Nm @ engine rpm) 340-375@1440-1640
Displacement (L)  4.578
Fuel tank capacity (L) 140L
Rating power of engine 59/2300
Fuel consumption @ nominal power ≤235
Air Intake Type  TC
N / Displacement  4/4.578
No. of gears  16F+8R/4×(2+1)×2
Shift method  Sliding sleeve
Max. speed  32.22km/h
Gear position Command aside 
PTO Speed 540/1000
The whole machine size (dimensions) mm 4370X2100X2760
Min. operation mass (kg) 4105(W/cabin)/3805(W/Ocabin)
Mini turning Radius (m)   4.9
Rated traction force(KN)   17.3
Deck Flat Deck
Wheelbase(mm)  2270
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 375
Tyre size  11.2-24/16.9-34
Steering type  Hydraulic steering
Steering Angle (4 x4) 43.8